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About this project: Al Jazeera, Turkey, The Traveler

We are proud to show you the trailer of to the 4 episode serie of The Traveler – Turkey that we, Yosoy Video Productions, have produced and directed for Al Jazeera Media Network. In the past year, we have successfully managed to produce 4 episodes for The Traveler, despite the travel challenges imposed by COVID-19. For Turkey we have visited over 100 locations in one month, with a crew of +20 members, and travelled 25000 km’s by road and plane; The beauty of The Traveler is being allowed to showcase the world through filmmaking eyes, and always from the positive and beauty point of view. What a journey! This was really the metamorphosis of Yosoy Video, from directing cameraman, to producer and creative director of such an important travel show with all it’s responsibilities. Nevertheless, we are still the same; a solid, accessible, compact organization which can expand the team to your project needs

  • Laila Men
  • Jan 18, 2020
  • Product, Photography
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